Thermal Blanket

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A great way to keep your body warm in an emergency situation. Dropping body temperature can be difficult to notice in the stress of a emergency, yet it is a significant health risk to prepare for. Perhaps your car breaks down on a cold night, or someone you care about loses their way while hiking.

This thermal blanket helps retain all important body heat. You can also put this blanket in your sleeping bag to serve as extra insulation on this particularly cold nights camping. It can also be used as a reflective surface to send a signal to rescuers.

Color: Silver
Unfolded size: 130 * 210cm / 4.27 * 6.89ft
Folded size: 11 * 7 * 1.5cm / 4.3 * 2.8 * 0.6in
Thickness: 0.012mm
Weight: 48g / 1.7oz
Package List:
1 * Emergency Blanket