Ultra-Compact Wire Saw

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Cuts wood quickly and with almost no effort! This easy to carry and use pocket saw allows you to work when noise is not desirable, where a normal chain saw cannot reach, and for those that have a hard time holding a heavy saw. It is constructed of high-strength, heat-treated German Stainless Steel.
The round handles rotate 360 degrees for easy handling.  The sharp, high quality kerfs make quick work branches and small tree trunks.
Small, light weight (less than an ounce!), and easy to carry, this is an excellent tool to take without on all your outdoor activities. Suitable for sawing wood, plastic, bone, rubber and so on.
Simply put your thumbs in the rings, and pull the saw tight. Then move the saw back and forth with smooth quick motions.
Saw Length: Approx. 19.7" (55cm)
Whole length: Approx. 27.6" (70cm)


Weight: 3/4oz (21.7g)

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