Quick Release Dog Leash

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You're taking your dog for a walk. It's a beautiful day. You're texting a friend about your upcoming trip to …

Suddenly — faster than you can say, Squirrel! — your dog takes off.

What happens next could be catastrophic. You and your dog can get seriously hurt.

Dog, especially larger ones, can move quickly with so much force. You're at the other end holding just the leash, absorbing all of that energy.

Dog walking and handling injuries are a lot more common than you might think. We are talking about fractures, dislocations, and even ruptured tendons here.

So what's the solution for this?

An easy question for an easy answer. Use this Quick-release leash! The bungee leash acts a shock absorber when your dog pulls or lunges forward. At over 250lbs bearing load, it is ready for even the largest dogs. This leash is not only easier on your dog's neck and your arm, but is also an essential training aid for any dog handler.

This leash will surely be your dog's best friend and yours! It's a walk in the park!


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Product Description: 

  • Made of one snap hook,  two handle circle, and one telescopic belt
  • Rope material: nylon and polyester
  • Rope length: 104 cm -139 cm / 3'4" - 4'5"
  • Rope width: 2.5 cm - 2.8 cm / 0.8" - 0.9"
  • Rope bearing: 120 kg / 264.5 lbs


  • The clip to your waistband (as shown in the photo) is actually not included.

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