Reflective Wind Rope

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Are you the type of person who is having fun and is relax when you're in the dark places? Well, let me tell you this. Running into sharp objects or even just running into tent ropes is not fun, right?

This reflective wind rope is your savior. This is great for tying down your tent, mounting a rain shelter or other many uses like reflective for safety.

Prevent from having cuts and wounds by running into ropes. 

Make your vacation colorful with these glow in the dark ropes! 





  • Line Diameter: approx. 2.5mm / 0.09 inches
  • Total Length: approx. 15m / 196.85 inches
  • Material: nylon
  • Color: Green, red, fluorescent color
Package Includes:
  •  1 x 2.5mm / 0.09 inches Reflective Wind Rope

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